Mirae Climate


Weather Analysis & Visualization Environment

A light-weight, easy-to-use 3D visualization & analysis
software with rich, professional-level feature sets
for meteorologists, atmospheric scientists and oceanologists


Mirae WAVE is a light-weight, easy-to-use 3D visualization & analysis software with rich professional-level feature sets, which can handle well-known NWP model data and other large grid datasets used by meteorologists, atmospheric scientists and oceanologists.

With Mirae WAVE, different types of meteorological data can be visualized together using multiple layers, projected onto the 3D globe model using either spherical or orthogonal coordinate systems. You can create horizontal or cross-sectional charts with iso-value contour lines, animate wind vectors and streamlines, and even show the data with 3D iso-surfaces or volumetric rendering. Intuitive and easy-to-use UI controls are provided for camera control such as zoom/pan/rotation, turning on/off individual layers, and manual/automatic control of animation over time. Furthermore, users can customize various characteristics of the layers, charts and displays, to meet their own custom needs.

Mirae WAVE is light-weight, and runs very fast on any modern Windows machine with 3D graphics cards, including ordinary laptops.

Key Features

  1. Supports for GRIB, GRIB2 and NetCDF data formats
  2. Grouping & filtering over selected variables
  3. Various types of charts and their overlays
  4. Data scanning along time or height axes, auto re-play
  5. Coordinate conversions (3D globe <-> 2D map), land/sea masking, Easy camera control
  6. Customization over layer properties and color tables
  7. Screen capture into image and video files
“Download and try Mirae WAVE, without any cost!”
  • Download Mirae WAVE

    Version 1.0.6 (for Windows) mirae-wave-setup.exe img

    You can freely download and install Mirae WAVE, and try it without any cost for 14 days of evaluation period.
    Mirae WAVE will still work even after the evaluation period, but some features can be restricted.
    If you want all the features of Mirae WAVE without any restriction, you have to purchase a license.

    You cannot distribute/publish/broadcast the images and videos created by Mirae WAVE without our software license.
    If you purchase a license, you can use the images and videos without any restrictions, as long as you credit Mirae WAVE for the original creation in an appropriate manner.

    Refer to on-line user manual for help.

  • Download Sample Data Files

    Latest KMA global dataset (pres) g512_v070_ergl_pres_h000.2013052700.gb2 img

    Latest KMA global dataset (unis) g512_v070_ergl_unis_h000.2013052700.gb2 img

    These sample files are a part (T+0) of the global grid data from the latest run of NWP model produced by KMA (Korea Meteorological Administration).

    Please read Disclaimer before you download the sample data files.

  • Purchase a License

    1. Contact our sales agent, follow his/her instructions for payment, and get the "Authorization Key" for your license (12 character string).
     Select one of our sales partners depending on your country, and send an email to:

    In Taiwan   :   lyle@weatherrisk.com

    In other countries   :   sales@miraeclimate.com

    2. Start Mirae WAVE, and perform "License Registration" using the "Authorization key" received from your sales agent.
     (You need an internet connection in order to complete the License Registration.)


    The official price of a single license is $ 5,000 (USD).
    (Additional discounts are available for group purchases. Please contact the agent for more information.)

    Please note that you can active your license and use Mirae WAVE on a single computer.
    If you want to change computers for Mirae WAVE, or your license was removed somehow, then please contact
    your sales agent and ask for "License Reset", so that you can perform "License Registration" again with the same "Authorization Key".

Screen Samples